Mini Me(R)  Robot Work Cell
For Bin Picking from a Bag of Parts

Mini Me (R) Robot is performing small parts handling selecting a part from a bag of parts and placing the very small Mill-Max solder pin receptacle into a tray holding 3 thousand pins. This operation is being done by hand which takes double the amount of time to fill a tray.

Starring the Mini Me(R) Robot!

Biotech mixing using The Mini Me robot. Mixing without turbulence.

A Toast with Mini Me

Mini Me and Leap Controller

Elite Robotics

Specialized in industrial assembly automation

Elite Robotics offers bench top size robots with 3D integrated camera for robot steering and guidance along with smart fixtures to perform specialized operations such as crimping, screwing, etc.  Call us to see how the Mini Me can work for you.
Elite Robotics Corp, 1270 Avenida Acaso Ste A, Camarillo, CA 93012