Mini Me(R) Robot Work Cell
For Bin Picking from a Bag of Parts

Mini Me (R) Robot performing small parts handling assisted by our pin sorting Smart Fixture. These very small Mill-Max solder receptacles are picked and placed with high precision into a tray holding three thousand pins.

Operation: A bag of loose Mill-Max pins are emptied into our general purpose Smart Fixture (the Blue Ring container) where they are sorted and presented to the robot in the correct orientation (Head side up). Mini Me Robot then picks up the pin then places the pin into the next available slot on the holding tray.  The
tray holds up to three thousand of these tiny 0.034 inch (0.8mm) diameter pins.

This operation was being done by hand which required more than five hours of tedious manual labor. This is a good example of a dull task performed by a Robot.

This Workcell is available off-the-shelf.  Get yours today.
We customize so If you need something a bit different, give us a call!


Mini Me Workcell for Pin Picking and Placement

Mini Me Robot Arm

Articulated Robot

Small Robot that fits on a bench top or folding table
Easy to Program with Point and Click selections
Double your employee output for half the cost
Used for Assembly, Pick n Place Operations
Product Spec Download
OnTarget 3D Vision

3D Vision for Robot Guidance

On Target 3D Camera for Robot guidance

Fully Integrated 3D Camera and Image Processing

Simultaneously Track and Report Position in Real Time

Closed Loop Control of Robot

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Choose your Style

Elite Robotics Gripper

Grippers come in a variety of styles from a

pincher to a vaccum picker or 3 finger type for

delicate objects. You choose which style is best

for your application.

Smart Fixtures

Precision or Special Operations

The Smart Fixtures are used when precision alignment is needed or special operations such as crimping, fastening or cutting.

We can customize these fixtures to meet your assembly needs.

Work Cells

Complete Robotic Assembly Process

The Work Cell consists of:

     Mini Me Robot Arm
     OnTarget 3D Vision
     Loading trays for incoming material
     Outgoing trays for completed assemblies
     Smart fixture as needed for special operations

Use all the modules or just the ones you need for your application. All the modules are plug and play.

Mill Max Pin Placer Workcell
Smart Fixture Pin Placer with .001 accuracy

3D camera for robot guidance

Example Lense assembly application Download

Smart Fixture Holding Lens and rings

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