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Camarillo CA, 12 Feb 2019 - Startup company Elite Robotics®, launches its innovative robotics work cell product line featuring MiniMe® and Smart Fixtures. Their goal is to bring high performance automation to manufacturing SMBs (small and medium businesses). With innovations in machine intelligence, 3D vision systems and robotics Elite is helping SMBs compete in their markets by reducing the high cost of entry, setup and maintenance of automation.

Elite's work cell approach is made to reduce the need for SMBs to be experts at robot engineering. Instead, SMBs can apply robots while keeping their Team focused on their core business and staying competitive. One way Elite does this is by applying their patented 3D vision and machine intelligence technologies to remove the need for Users to write code for their work cells. Elite's robots are configured for each task by writing an assembly procedure very similar to what is standard manufacturing practice today.

Another key aspect of Elite's work cells is the focus on providing a manufacturing IoT capable product that targets precision, smaller item processes and assembly. They have positioned their product line to provide the right size robot and work cell to SMBs to save money and space.

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Inquiries about how Elite can help automate processes and manufacturing should be directed to: [email protected]
Bench Top Robot Pin Handler

Bench Top Robotic Pin Handler

This system handles Mill Max solder pins taken from a bag, sorts and aligns the pins with the head of the pin on top. (They are similar to a screw heads).

The Robot picks up the pin from Tower A and places the pin in the smart fixture shown in the middle.  The smart fixture then inserts the pins into a tray holding 3 thousand of these pins with an accuracy of .001.

Currently these pins are inserted by hand using tweezers. This work cell is a 60% savings in time allowing the operator to perform more interesting tasks.

Do you have a tedious task done by hand now that you would like to automate? Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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